where is the good in goodbye?

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As I walked into the supermarket today

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Cinnamon Ice Cream

Old Chez Catey Lou


I am slightly obsessed with ice cream.  In the summer, I get some type of ice cream almost every day.  I don’t discriminate, I like all forms – frozen yogurt, gelato, ice cream, Tasti D’lite (I know it isn’t really ice cream, but it does the job!).   I don’t actually own an ice cream maker though, because I think the results would be too dangerous.  I can just imagine myself digging into gallons of homemade ice cream – it would turn TheBetterHalf into TheBetterThird!  However when I was visiting my parents the other weekend, I had the chance to experiment with their ice cream maker.  My sister loves cinnamon ice cream, so that’s the flavor that we chose.  And it was delicious.  The taste of this ice cream was so good – the brown sugar perfectly complemented the cinnamon.  It was definitely richer and creamier than most store-bought…

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Irish Potato Pancakes

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Pecan & Sea Salt Fudge Brownies

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Down with the Bug

Amen. ❤

Whippys Kitchen

I woke up this morning with the bug. Fortunately not the sickness bug, but the bug that catches you, the one that won’t give up, the one that makes you want to bake. I decided it was time to master the meringue, to have another go at producing something that was not a sloppy, soggy weepy mess.

I had a few variations to try, in addition to making some more of the chocolate dusted stars, it was time to try some pine nut meringues and some custard meringues. I decided this time to halve the amount of sugar that I normally use. It was a bit of a eureka moment, considering my meringues would weep and stick and this is commonly caused by either too much whipping, and/or too much sugar!!!!!!


I am pleased to announce, there was no sticking no weeping (from either the meringues or me) and the…

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Food that gives you energy

Energy… yeah its a good thing. 😉

Veiled Pearls

It’s three in the afternoon, your energy is flagging and all you want to do is take a nap, but instead you have to sit through a boring meeting. While you could just have a second – or seventh – cup of coffee, you could also have some pumpkin seeds, an apple, a few red bell pepper slices with hummus or a piece of dark chocolate. These 20 foods can help relieve fatigue, sharpen your focus and give you the jolt of energy that you need to avoid falling asleep at your desk.

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