strawberry rhubarb pie

And the question still remains.. should I bake pies too? 🙂

Crew Cuisine

LaKriesha’s mom keeps calling me – she got a new cell phone now, but still manages to call the wrong number. She calls so frequently that I’ve added her as a contact, so I make sure to answer – I feel bad for her, she’s obviously elderly and her daughter’s clearly not keeping tabs on her as well as she should.

Call your mom, ‘Kriesh (that’s what mom calls her), she needs to get to the bank. Also, this weather is not agreeing with her at all. She doesn’t mind the heat, but the humidity is making her crazy. Fortunately, we’re dropping back into the twenties, next week.

I forgot to mention that to ‘Kriesha’s mom; it might be enough to send her back down to Atlanta! Anyhow, maybe I’ll just take a break and run her to the bank – Lady’s gotta run some errands, ya know?

Having dinner…

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About laylawarner

Welcome, I am a highschool student at BHHS! I like playing sports and figuring out what im going to do in my future. My two passions are fastpitch and baking! I learned how to bake at a young age from my Great Grandma, who learned how to bake from her mom. :) Its my favorite thing to do on a rainy day because its so relaxing. I love delivering to clients and seeing thir faces. Its simply amazing.
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