The seven unspoken rules of birthdays

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A birthday in the U.S. is a time for cake, presents, and subtlety telling people the day before that it’s your birthday tomorrow.

A birthday is only one day; the birthday celebrations can go much longer.

Do rules for birthdays exist? Is there a statute of limitations for how long you can celebrate it? What if a birthday falls near a major holiday?

My birthday is April 7, a date that falls during Passover about once every two years. During Passover, there are certain dietary restrictions that forbid cake, most ice cream, and basically any food you eat during a birthday. I don’t care much about my birthday, but if I did, I would probably wait to celebrate until after Passover ended.

Unwritten rules exist for when and how to celebrate birthdays in different situations. I’m writing them down.

  1. If your birthday falls on a weekend, that weekend is…

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